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Working with the right people is always important – but never more so than when it directly affects your clients, whether that’s tenants, landlords, or agents. Making mistakes in front of them can cost you repeat business. That’s why it’s essential to pick an inventory service that has the experience, technology, tools, and professionalism to keep you ahead of your competitors


As a reputable and award-winning member of the Institute of Professional Inventory Clerks (IPIC), our App and service has been created and rigorously tested by experienced inventory clerks, so you can have the confidence that it will work for you in every situation

Our Inventory Clerks are qualified and trained in Inventory processes, through both theory and practice, covering all regulations and laws that affect property inspections, such as Smoke and CO Regulations 2015. And, of course, they’re covered by full professional indemnity and public liability insurance


Our unique technology creates the most in-depth and intuitive reports, and delivers them to your clients within five minutes of a property visit, if required

Our Reports
Industry Average

Based on unfurnished 2 bedroom flat, average condition

Professional Services

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. In fact, it’s behind everything we do. It’s in our reports, which are always clear, comprehensive, and meticulously laid out. It’s in our efficiency, with reports completed and distributed same day. It’s in our approach, with impartial and unbiased reports that treat all parties equally. And it’s in our clerks, each chosen for their dedication to make every report and every check in or check out experience seamless

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Our cleverly designed platform also delivers added extras, like:​

Remote Tenant Report Update

Tenant tool for remote photo and comment uploads (up to 7 days after check in)

Before & After
Check Out

Award-winning report comparison tool

Translation Tool

Report translator (more than 58 languages)

Tailored Reports

Tailored reports for landlords, tenants, maintenance crews, cleaning teams,
and GDPR compliance

Remote Signature

A remote signature tool, so tenants can
check and sign reports if they’re not
present at check in

Safety Records

more detailed safety records,
logging meters, keys, safety equipment,
user manuals, and certificates

24/7 Access For Tenants And Agents

24/7 access for tenants and agents to read, sign, comment on, and add photos to reports, even on mobile devices

Storybook Layout

Storybook layout documenting full descriptions of rooms, fixtures, fittings, and contents, including condition, cleanliness,
and evidential photographs

Full Audit Trails

Full audit trails, with tenant comments and photos highlighted pink and annotated with name, date, and time


We equip our clerks with everything they need to provide you with a seamless service,
so they only need to visit each property once

Our Clerks’ Toolkit

Four Way Meter Key

Equipment to access any meter cupboard

Extending Rods

Extending rods to test inaccessible detectors


Great for inspecting the inside of ovens and areas or rooms where the lighting is poor including dark meter cupboards
and deep water meters

Forensic Measuring Rule

Forensic measuring rule for evidence photos, e.g. cracked tiles, carpet burns

Large Screwdrivers

Large screwdrivers to lift
pavement water meter covers

FB Keys

FB Keys for meter boxes/cupboards


Protecting carpets and floors is a must, especially if they are brand new
or recently cleaned

Company ID Card

Company ID card and lanyard

Branded Key Tags

Branded key tags to cut security issues
returning keys after hours without property addresses attached

Key Chain

Key chain so clerks cannot get locked
out of a property


Paintbrush to clear dirt and cobwebs to ensure crisp meter reading photos

Parking Notice

Parking notice for clerks’ car windscreen, detailing mobile number in
case a resident needs access

Photographic Background Sheet

Photographic background sheet for high-quality images of property keys

New Smoke Detectors

New smoke detectors so that
property can be legally let,
even if existing detectors fail inspection

New CO Detectors

New CO detectors so that
property can be legally let, even if existing detectors fail inspection

Power Backup

All of our Clerks are issued with Power Backup for their Apple iPads which run our Award Winning Inventory Report App to ensure their device never runs out of power

Screw Bolt Key

Our Clerk are equipped with over 14 different keys that fit 99% of all meter cupboards and boxes, ensuring that we will always be able to access meters and take readings with supporting
photographs on the day of the inventory

Deep Triangle Key

Specialist key to access recessed locks on meter cupboards

Long Box Key

For opening stiff or deep set meter cupboard and doors frame locks

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