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About The Founder

We were founded in 2012 by Paul Campbell, who carried out his first inventory way back in 1987, before the industry existed 

Paul, then aged 18, had purchased his first rental property but couldn’t find a professional inventory service – so he did it himself. In the years that followed, he conducted thousands of reports, whether for his family property portfolio, while working for and owning lettings businesses, or during his Army career, where he carried out numerous ‘March In / March Outs’ (commonly known as Inventories and Check Outs, but with a white glove check!). His experience and attention to detail is now employed with Professional Inventories


Our Journey

Since 2012, Professional Inventories has been a pioneer in using technology and streamlined working practices to reduce costs while keeping reports and service quality exceptionally high. And, while we have grown to have teams and branches in Sutton (Head Office), Central London, and Brighton, we keep our internal costs low 

These savings are passed directly to our clients, ensuring their bottom line remains strong. This means we can guarantee to beat your current provider price

But what makes our reports better than our competitors’ reports? For us, it’s about the detail, the readability, the simplicity, and the speed

The detail: an average Professional Inventories report for a two bedroom unfurnished flat is around 90 to 120 pages long, with more than 250 photographs. For our competitors it’s around 30 to 40 pages long, with around 30 photographs

The readability: we lay out our reports in an easy to read “Story Book” format, with item descriptions, photographs, and damages all on the same page. Our competitors provide pages of thin text, with the photographs at the end of the report, so you have to keep flicking back and forth between text and photos

The simplicity: our reports are jargon-free. In fact, the only abbreviations we use are RHS (Right Hand Side) and LHS (Left Hand Side). Our competitors often have a whole page dedicated to the meaning of the countless abbreviations used, making reports complicated, time-consuming, and laborious

The speed: we deliver all reports on the same day as we review the property, regardless what time we leave it

Together, these promises mean you get the finest reports and service in the industry


London, Surrey, The Sussex’ And Kent

A stellar performance by Professional Inventories Ltd, delivering an all-round great services
which is reflected in their feedback scores
– IPIC Members Committee

Remote Tenant Comments And Signatures

Save time for you and your Landlords by giving tenants the tools to upload their own photos and comments for up to seven days after checking in. This saves you both from having to process tenant report updates

Get reports signed fast, even if tenants can’t be present at the property. Our system sends their report within seconds of leaving the property. Remote signing is particularly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic

All Reports Can Be Delivered
In Over 58+ Languages

Professional Inventories is the world’s only inventory company to offer all of its reports in multiple languages

After all, the world is multi-cultural no matter where you live: you could have an English-speaking inventory clerk, a Russian agent, a Gujaraty landlord, and a mixed house share with Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Latvian, Korean and Thai tenants

Developing an inventory report service that addresses this need, we can translate any report into the mother language of all tenants on the same day as the original report, so they can read it easily and without delay, regardless what base language was used

Check Out Report

Worlds First ‘Before & After’ Format

It’s 80% faster to read and compare our unique Check Out Reports and Inventories compared to our competitors’ conventional reports. That’s largely down to their savvy format and layout 

Our Check Out Reports have a distinctive landscape format, with the original Inventory Report on the left and the new Check Out details on the right. This makes it easy and quick to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ information – with text and evidential photos included. To make it even simpler, we only show Inventory information for items that are dirty, damaged, missing, etc, as there’s no need to read about items that haven’t changed during the tenancy

Did You Know?

In our reports you will see that all words start with a capital letter. The reason for this is a mark of respect for the fallen in WW1. This style of capitalisation was used on many town and village memorials erected after the War and this our way of remembering all the fallen, of all wars and their sacrifice

Finally Data and Report Security in the Cloud:

Our database is hosted by the UK’s leading server farm, which is also trusted by the Government, Police, and NHS. So you can give your clients complete confidence in your professionalism and database security
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